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About us:  

Pars Bitumen is a famous Iranian Bitumen company with the experience of more than 20 years in petrochemical products exporting products such as penetration bitumen, Bitumen 60/70, Oxidized bitumen (blown bitumen), Natural Asphalts (Gilsonite), Emulsions, VG 30, VG 40, Cutback, Paraffin wax, White spirit, Soda Ash, and related derivations. Pars Bitumen is one of the leading producers and exporters of bitumen products which presents its products to the customers through variety of packing (such as bulk bitumen, Bitumen in Metal Drum, Oxidized Bitumen packed in Carton boxes of 25 kg based on wooden pallets, blown bitumen in poly bags of 25 kg, Bitumen 60/70 packed in Jumbo bags of 1000 kg or 300 kg. Soda Ash Dense / Light in 50 kg bags collected in big jumbo bags. 

Why to Buy Bitumen from Iran?

Iran Bitumen has one of the best qualities of bitumen in the world meeting high international bitumen standards. Also currently Iran is the first exporter of bitumen in the Middle East and the fourth largest bitumen exporter worldwide. The main reason for this large amount of export success is the very high quality produced bitumen based on international ASTM test standards. Iranian main bitumen producers are from the highest technology based refineries. Also Iran oil is very well-known in regard to Quality which is the raw material for Bitumen production. Iran Bitumen has been exported to the Middle East market, South and East Asia, Africa and Europe since many years ago.

Why to Buy Bitumen from Pars Bitumen?

Pars Bitumen having a very active and experienced team provides consistent, reliable and high quality services to its customers. Pars Bitumen Sales team is always online and cooperative to satisfy the needs of its customers.  Pars Bitumen is always committed to deliver  high quality bitumen in different grades complying with very high international standards according to customer expectations. For the sake of satisfaction of its customers, Pars Bitumen arranges the supervision of SGS international quality and quantity inspectors separately for each batch of delivery. Pars Bitumen offers very competitive prices in comparison with its counterparts for very high quality bitumen.  Meanwhile, Pars Bitumen always supports its customers by providing best after sales services .

Where do we Export To?

Pars Bitumen is a pioneer Bitumen exporter company in Iran which exports bitumen to many countries all over the world like bitumen export to China, India, Russia, Uzbekistan, East Asia (Philippine, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, China), Europe and Africa. We have supplied bitumen to many highly qualified well-known customers engaged with road and building construction projects all over the world.

Pars Bitumen Cooperative partners and offices:  

Our sales and corporate offices are active in United Arab Emirates, China, Iran, Turkey, Philippine and Romania.

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