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Oxidized Bitumen 105/35

PARS BITUMEN can provide different pickings according to the customer requirement and purpose to make them convenient and satisfied. PARS BITUMEN Company is the supplier of bitumen 105/35 in different packing formats including Kraft bag, meltable plastic bag, drum, and bulk packing. Blown asphalt / Oxidized Bitumen 105/35 is blown by hot air in a controlled process until the desired specification is reached. PARS BITUMEN Oxidized Bitumen 105/35 can be supplied in any grade and is designated by two numbers to show the softening point and penetration ranges. The bitumen grade 105/35 means the softening point is 105 and penetration is 35 desi millimeters is supplied by in compliance and conformity with ASTM standard and is according to the following specification.

Specification of blown / Oxidized Bitumen 105/35

Analysis bitumen 105/35

Bitumen 105/35Test methodUnitSpecification
Specific gravity @25/25 CASTM D70(Kg/m3)1.05 approx.
Penetration @ 25°cASTM  D5mm/1030/40
Softening point °cASTM  D36°C100/110
Loss on heating(wt) %ASTM  D6Wt. %0.2 max
Flashpoint cASTM D92°C250 min
Solubility is CS2(wt) %ASTM  D4Wt. %99.5 max
Specific gravity @25/25 CASTM D70(Kg/m3)1.05 approx.